Round One
• Click on “Contact” and describe your project. Feel free to include YouTube or Vimeo links, etc. – anything that will help give an idea of what you are looking for. Be as specific as you can. Also attach a mix of your entire song in mp3 format. If you have any music charts, feel free to send those as well.

• I’ll record the appropriate horn tracks and send a mixed mp3 back to you. If it’s great, we’re done! Approve the track, and you will be sent a PayPal invoice and link to download your high-resolution sax-only track, which you will import into your Digital Audio Workstation.

Round Two
• If the horn parts need to be changed a bit, let me know. After I get your feedback I’ll re- record horn parts as needed.

Round Three
• In most cases, clients are satisfied by the end of round two. Up to three rounds are included in your purchase price. If more than three rounds are needed, you will be charged $25 per revision–on a “pay as you go” basis.

• After your approval, you will be sent a link to pay for your track using PayPal or credit card. Then you may download the high-quality, instrument-only track from our secure server and import it into your DAW of choice. Please specify the audio file format you need from me, i.e. 44.1k 16 bit mono .wav file, 88.2k 24 bit mono .aif file, etc.