Horn Sections

Big Band Sax Section – Alto Sax 1&2 ,Tenor Sax 1&2, Baritone Sax

This five-piece sax section is the quintessential jazz sax section. Good jazz sax sections have a central concept that they follow, which usually comes from the lead alto player. The differences in each player’s sound, execution, and articulation add depth to the texture of the section.


Urban Pop Horns – Flugelhorn, Alto Sax,Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax

A four-piece horn section opens up the harmonic possibilities even further. In the demo here, the flugelhorn as the high voice adds a smooth mellowness to the section. The alto and flugelhorn play unison lines that then spread into four parts with the entire ensemble. In an arrangement where more power is needed,
substituting a trumpet in place of the flugelhorn would be appropriate. Whether you need striking unison passages or harmonically interesting lines or pads, a four piece horn section can deliver.


Classic R&B Horns – Trumpet, Tenor Sax and Baritone Sax

With the addition of the baritone sax to the trumpet and tenor combination, the arranger now has the opportunity to start exploring more interesting harmonic possibilities as well as the classic call of the bari sax and response of the entire section to that call. This is great for classic R&B, or current music that wants to evoke that style in a more modern context.


Bossa horns- Trumpet with harmon mute and Flute

There is something about the soft, buzzy sound of a trumpet with harmon mute, playing in unison or octaves with a flute, that creates an emotional backdrop which can be very effective in songs that have a cool, sensitive or moody vibe. This might be just the color your song needs!


Trumpet & Tenor Sax – Shuffle

Trumpet & Tenor Sax as a two-piece horn section are a very strong, tried and true combination. There is something very synergistic about the sound of a trumpet and tenor sax playing in octaves. They add authority and character to a musical line. A single note, played in unison or at the octave, is definitely more compelling than either instrument alone. It’s only two horns, but they are, without question, a section.
Harmonies can sit very nicely within many musical genres, using just these two horns. Don’t underestimate the power of this classic combination.


Funk Saxes- Alto Sax & Tenor Sax

Alto and Tenor Sax can be a great two piece horn section! Listen how their similar articulations and phrasing create sonic interest and a killer blend. This duo is equally suited to melodic lines and phrases like quick blues licks as well as diatonic or arpeggiated runs.