Sax Solos

Jazz Fusion – Tenor Sax Solo

Jazz fusion or fusion, is a genre which blends jazz with rock, funk, R&B and other styles, often utilizing electric instruments of some kind.

In the setting here, a rhythmic, modal blues-based bed creates an open framework for my tenor sax to weave a solo which pulls from the vocabulary of Rhythm & Blues, but also allows me to superimpose different temporary tonalities and textures, exploring the dissonance and consonance of modern jazz.


Smooth Jazz – Soprano Sax

Contemporary smooth jazz saxophonists use a wide variety of stylistic playing devices that can be extremely difficult to emulate on other instruments.
Subtle articulations, pitch and timbre changes, alternate fingerings – nuance – and groove


Country – Tenor Sax

Country sax playing can add a wonderful color to a well-crafted song. In a genre where message is king, and that message comes from the heart, a soulful saxophone that respects the theme and style can deepen the impact of the song on the listener.


Hip Hop/R&B – Alto Sax

If you are going to play R&B or Hip Hop saxophone, there is one very important thing you better bring – attitude!
Also, the better your chops, the more freely the emotion can flow through your playing, and the intricate work will seem effortless.
But whatever type of playing the track calls for – sparse or dense, simple or complex, you better groove, because that is the bottom line


Rock & Roll – Tenor Sax

Rock & Roll sax playing has a tradition of being big, bad and in your face. With the introduction of electric instruments, sax players needed playing styles that could compete with the raw energy of the rest of the band.
Rock & Roll sax players explored using grunts, growls, screams and other techniques that demanded the attention of the listener and became staples of Rock & Roll.


80s Pop – Alto Sax

These are arguably the hallmarks of the best pop saxophone work.
A great pop song distills and polishes the lyrical and musical content to create a compelling short- form work of art. A great pop solo keys off of these elements to add to the memorability of the song. In fact, many notable jazz saxophonists more memorable solos have been found in pop settings.


Gospel – Tenor Sax

Gospel saxophone takes on various external styles, and the sax technique must be consistent with the musical style.
The one constant beyond style is the internal connection to theme, an awareness of the spirit and message of the song, and unlike some other musical forms, the gospel sax solo doesn’t so much say “Look at me!” as it says “Look at Him!”